Monday, January 7

Keep Dreaming Sweet Cheeks

3. Alexander McQueen Bird Skull Ring (no link, sad face)

Lord have mercy before I faint! I'm so in love with all of these items it is sickening. So this year I'm a junior and we order class rings. Well, me being me, I decided I didn't want one since I really won't ever wear it. Therefore, my parents made a deal with me, saying that I can pick out another ring or something in the price range of my class ring. Of course,  I went crazy! I was thinking that I should probably get a ring since it's a ring ceremony, but I don't know I love shoes too much...

So I've been obsessed with the YSL ring for a while, but I don't know if I would wear it much. These two Alexander McQueen rings are also my favorites and I'm leaning more toward the Twin Skull ring, since I can't find the Bird Skull ring. 

Now these shoes are also amazing. I need some summery shoes and even though the Acne ones are black they still would be great for summer. I would literally wear them everywhere and they actually have my size! I have a little while to decide, but it's a hard choice. 
Any thoughts?

Xx Damsel

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