Wednesday, January 16

Haute Alienz

Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 RTW

Chanel Spring 2012 Couture

I've been officially diagnosed as crazy. No, I'm kidding but I really am...So prom is in April but I REALLY want to design and make my own dress. Seems simple right? Yeah, I've never sewn a thing in my life. BUT, I know a lot of people who could help me out, so I at least want to give it a go. 

These dresses are what inspired me to want to make my own dress. I want to kind of combine the two to make my own creation. I honestly feel like I would look like an alien..I wanted to have the neck like the Chanel dress and instead of it being sparkly, I wanted it to be sheer like the McQueen dress. Then I wanted to do the corset like the McQueen dress, but I wanted it to be pointed instead of circular. I have no clue what the bottom is going to look like, but I'm gonna try to sketch my idea out.

I know I'm crazy...thoughts?
Xx Damsel

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