Friday, December 7

Ya Filthy Animal

Today was Tacky Christmas Sweater day at school...let's just say the whole school got carried away. For every dress up day we have, we always go crazy. The first picture is a poster that we created at school to decorate. I made the poster and wanted to pass some out to people on our lunch's safe to say they thought I was nuts. Plus, me being hyped up on chocolate covered espresso beans wasn't the best idea..
And I know I know, my shirt isn't a sweater, but it's pretty's got animals all over it and reindeer. Who doesn't love reindeer...
So this isn't really a fashion post, but I wanted to put something up. Tomorrow we are going shopping so I will try to post an outfit.
Have fun on your Friday night while I'm stuck at work...
Xx Damsel

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