Saturday, December 8

Swallow My Bullet

Hello lovelies! Today was a fun day, besides the fact that I'm sitting at work :( But I get off pretty early so Elise and I will have a sushi date while Claudia is stuck at a Christmas party with the old folks! Haha so the day started off with us getting up at 5:20 for a mandatory bike ride for our exercise class at not a happy camper at 5:20 in the morning. Then we find out it is canceled!! You can imagine my face then...
After we woke up for the second time, we went shopping at our favorite thrift stores in the area.

At the first store, we got the sweater type hoodie thing that I'm wearing. It's so comfortable and I love it, even though it's 70 degrees right now. Yeah 70, in DECEMBER. Elise gave me her old pair of Hollister jeans which were a little's okay though I like to sag. No, I'm kidding.. My shoes are from Target and I adore them, but they give me blisters :( "Beauty is pain" is what I chant to myself when I get the blisters..I know, I'm strange.
Elise is wearing an eagle muscle shirt, jean shirt that she got today, my shorts from Urban, and my sneaker wedges that I got from Yesstyle. She also decided to grab my dad's nun-chucks and wanted to play with them...

We went to Walgreen's and got some lipstick, because we both needed new colors. I got a mauve color and it looks futuristic, I'm so stoked to wear it tomorrow! Elise got a really cute coral color and it's amazing on her.
So today was a pretty successful day for back to work :/
Have a wonderful Saturday!
Xx Damsel

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