Sunday, December 16

The Nutcracker

Shirt: Mine, Forever 21
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Bakers

Dress: Thrift Store
Shoes: Target

Claudia wouldn't let me put any pics of her cracking the nuts. Boo you whore. We have a pecan tree in our front yard and she was cracking them with her shoes, but no. Wouldn't let me show you.

This upcoming week is going to kill me. We have exams and I haven't even started studying. The only one that is going to kill me is chemistry. No one needs that..

Today we just went to church, got our tea, and illegally trespassed on someone's property. Oops! As for my dress, it looks like something my grandmaw would wear and I love it. I also noticed how unnaturally pale I am and it's quite scary. Don't you agree that Claudia should be a model? We (being everyone) think she should but she says no. Whataloser. 
Have a lovely Sunday! 
Xx Damsel 

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