Wednesday, December 19

Study, Shop, Study some more..

Two exams down, three to go! I'm done with Chemistry (PRAISE THE LORD) and the rest should be pretty easy. Since I'm basically in sweats and tennis shoes every day, I wanted to show yall some outfits that I'm planning on wearing over the Christmas break. The break is gonna be relaxed for me so these outfits will be like what I wear to hang with friends or go visit family. In the first one, I've been obsessing over these pants for quite some time now. They are just so sassy..I love the beanie too as well as the fur coat. It most likely won't EVER get cold enough for a fur coat down here, but hey a girl can dream!

In the second outfit, I'm IN LOVE with these shoes. I pretty much need them to survive. You are probably wondering "why is she wearing shorts in the winter?!" Well my answer to you is, it's never cold down here, therefore I can wear shorts all the time. If it was slightly chilly I would just put some ripped tights under the shorts. I also love this shirt, since it is pretty much a Givenchy look-a-like. The jacket is also a must have for me. 
Well back to studying! Wish me luck (: 
Xx Damsel

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