Sunday, December 9

Milk Maidin'..Ya Herd?

Top: Forever 21 (old)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft skirt (found while thrifting)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters 
So to start off with the title...I think it's genius. I laughed for 5 minutes straight when I thought of it and my dad just stared. I love the milk maid hairstyle though, and it was my first time to try it. Even though most people stared at me, I love it! 

My brother took these pics before we went to church, and most of them are so the last one I was trying to tell him something, and he zooms into my face to take a picture...Such a loser. 
I love the skirt I got yesterday when we went shopping. It's perfect for this time of year and I love the zippers on the front..and plus it's corduroy..who doesn't want a corduroy skirt?? I'm also wearing the new lipstick I got. It's called On the Mauve..get it? Like on the move...

Lately I've been having trouble with my parents. They seem to think I'm going through a "phase" with my fashion obsession. I try and try again to get them to understand how important it is to me and that this is what I want to do with my life, but they still refuse to listen. I guess it's just hard when the people you love don't believe in your dreams like you do. I know they want the best for me, they are literally the best parents ever and I'm not just saying that because they're my parents. They bend over backwards to give me and my siblings everything we want, so I understand where they are coming from, but I just wish they understood how much I love this. I guess over time it will get better..

Have a lovely Sunday while we go decorate our HUGE Christmas tree!
Xx Damsel

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