Monday, December 3


These were taken yesterday while we were stuck at home with nothing to do. So what do we decide? Raid my closet, find the strangest things, and BAM. Photo shoot. I’ll let you in on a dirty secret, all of the clothes are from thrift stores and grandmaw’s closet. Yep, if you couldn’t already guess that…
Claudia is wearing a nightgown we got at the Purple Cow (love that place, I mean it’s called the Purple Cow…) and a jacket we got from Grandmaw’s Closet. Best store, I know. She then had to squeeze her feet into my combat boots (XXI) and threw on my beanie. 
I’m wearing a shirt type jacket thing we got a while back at the Purple Cow as well as some lingerie shorts. You never know what the Purple Cow has. I threw on my thigh highs, Urban Outfitters boots, and hat from XXI. Don’t even ask where we got the sunglasses from…
So to say we had fun was an understatement. Give us clothes and a camera and we will be entertained for hours. 

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