Monday, December 3

Sheep Skin

Today was a pretty relaxed day- we went shopping, ate froyo, and hit up the movies. Instead of going home, we decided to stay at Elise’s house and take weird pictures, like the losers we are. See, we think we’re cool since we are on Thanksgiving break…
I guess I should introduce these lovely ladies since they will be on this blog A LOT. The girl in the floral tablecloth (yes, it is a tablecloth) is Elise. And the other one who can’t keep her hands to herself is Claudia. 
I’m wearing my new “sheep skin” jacket (as Claudia calls it) that I got from Karmaloop. That place is my new obsession. Since we have literally no good clothing stores down in smoldering Louisiana, all my shopping is online. Cute. 

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