Monday, December 3

Leather & Crosses

So today we decided to attend the madness that is Black Friday. We went from 10:30 til 4. Then sleeping until 11:30 and going back…It was a crazy day to say the least. The whole experience was fun and was the first time we’ve ever been by ourselves…FREEDOM. These pics were taken before we went for Round 2. 
I’m wearing my new leather shorts from XXI, an old shirt Elise’s dad gave me, and my pimped out jacket from Elise’s grandmaw. Just realizing her family gives me lots of their old things…well I’m part of the family anyway. 
Elise is wearing a new cross shirt she got from XXI, combat boots, and jeans which were way to big apparently…
I think in half of these pictures we didn’t know what to do since we were so out of it. Oh well…anyway hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! 

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