Monday, December 3

Watercolor and Tree bark

Today was a very relaxing Sunday, excluding the fact that I return to school tomorrow..Yay. At least we only have 3 weeks and then it’s Christmas! As you are probably wondering, this is not my dog. It is my neighbor’s that they keep locked up and today it was finally released. I have no clue what they named it, but I call it Crispin. Enough said.
My 11 year old brother took these pics today and even though some aren’t the best quality we had a lot of fun. As I’m walking down the stairs, he looks at me and says that my dress looks like tree bark. I think I laughed for a solid 10 minutes… We had fun running around with Crispin and I finally had to take off the jacket and shoes because Crispin kept biting my jacket. I’m surprised my brother didn’t get any pics of Crispin attacking me….
I’m wearing a new dress I got from Urban Outfitters, my sheep skin jacket from Karmaloop, and some spiked platforms. Sadly, my platforms keep losing spikes..
Hope everyone has a good Sunday while I prepare for school tomorrow..

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