Saturday, December 29

Just a Lil' Nippy

Top: White T-shirt
Shorts: Charlotte Russe pink shorts
Jean Jacket: Thrifted
Boots: Eve's Shoes
Beanie: Mine

Top: Elise's tank
Jacket thing: Thrifted
Pants: Elise's
Boots: Forever 21
Fur Headband: Elise's

Okay, so I'm pretty much decked out in Elise's stuff today...I got to her house this morning and she was giving away a lot of stuff, so I took what I wanted! Today was probably the coldest day ever..and that's saying something down here. So we got a lot of good stuff today and I'm so excited! I have a New Year's Eve outfit that I pretty much got today and I'm in love. Most of the stuff we got today was from thrift stores too! Gosh, I love getting cheap deals for the weirdest things..

So I wanted to stay comfy today and I wore these leggings Elise gave me with her gray tank and my little lace thingy over it. And let me just say, that fur headband is my life. I think I'm going to have to purchase one myself. Elise wanted to wear shorts even though it was freezing, so the solution was tights! 

I bought a lot of new stuff online that should be coming in next week, so get ready for all of that! Claudia gets back Sunday and we are planning to make a video for you guys! Just thinking about it is making me laugh...All I'm going to say is that you will see how weird we really are. 

Have a good weekend! 
Xx Damsel

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