Wednesday, June 25

Come Into My Dream

Top: Urban Outfitters / Shorts: Urban Outfitters / Vest: Thrifted / Shoes: Sammydress / Sunglasses: XXI

Once again, another hot day where Claudia and I took refuge in the shade. The Louisiana sun is relentless lemme tell you. 

You may recognize this dress from one of my previous posts. I loved it as a dress, but I love it even more as this vest thing. I wanted to wear it, but with something underneath, and no way was I wearing pants underneath. So I decided to snip snip and it turned into a cool vest to throw over outfits. I'm thinking of putting huge pom-poms at the bottom to spice it up. 

I'm also obsessed with these shorts and shoes. The shorts are suuuper comfy and I guarantee they will be my uniform for school. And the shoes....come on. There are no words to describe these shoes. Platform, colorful, and metallic? Whole package. 

Off topic, but I recently posted this picture up on my Instagram:

A couple of my friends commented sweet or funny things on it that I was accustomed to and enjoyed. But then someone whom I've never met or known commented "Ew, shave your pits please" with a couple of laughing/crying emojis behind it. I thought this very rude and uncalled for. What have I done? Showed you a picture of natural hair that I didn't feel the need to shave? Is something so wrong with it that it gives you the need to comment something rude on someone's picture? I love this picture because I was happy when it was taken. It brings back good memories that I always want to reminisce on. I just don't understand society and how ill-mannered people can be sometimes. 


  1. You look amazing on your first outfit, love those shoes
    And about the comment on your pic I think its a beautiful photo and people just look for fails to critique, dont worry, you are amazing

    1. Thank you so much, you always put a smile on my face! <3