Sunday, June 15

Collaboration: Anna from Melodic, Thrifty, & Chic

All photos taken from Anna's blog

Today, I want to share with you a fellow blogger who has truly inspired me through her outfits, personality, and over all genuine niceness. I've had this blog for a little over a year now, and Anna popped up one day, commenting on one of my posts. From then on, we would both visit each other's blogs, and I always felt like she was my new blogger friend. I enjoyed everything she posted, and always smiled when she took the time to comment on some of my posts. Okay, enough back story, more about Anna! 

For starters, look at those outfits!! I enjoy the diversity she incorporates in each outfit, going from some next level shit/ cyborg queen (2nd outfit) to a summery bohemian look that ties in with the nature surrounding her. Every outfit she documents is something a little different than the last, yet encompasses her unique personality every time. 

She's an avid gamer, enjoying the older models rather than newer. How epic is that? She also told me about her passion for running, which I also share. From running track in high school, to continuing on today, she enjoys the exercise and also thinks of it as a break from everything, a way to clear her head. She also talks about her ability to speak Japanese on her blog sometimes, which I find so cool! She lived in Japan for a year, so naturally she learned the language. Kudos to you Anna, that's amazing! 

If you haven't already swooned over all of these amazing outfits, go on over to her blog and you'll fall in love with her personality, outfits, and unique sense of style! 


  1. You're too kind! Thank you so much! <333

  2. Anna is the best. Not only does she have a rocking style, but she is also such a sweetheart.

  3. really love the way anna wears the grey skirt in her second picture! yy