Tuesday, May 27


Jumpsuit: Thrifted / Belt: Moschino (via eBay) / Shoes: Demonia / Glasses: MakeMeChic

Chunky. Gaudy. Flashy. 
Those are the words that come to my mind when I think of this belt. It's meant to be a statement piece, but I have conflicting views on it. I think a vast majority of people today are caught up in the designer and expensive realm of fashion. All of the bloggers who feature top brands on their blogs are basically advertisements for that brand, which isn't what blogging and personal style should embody. Don't get me wrong, I would love to sport some McQueen or Givenchy on my everyday shopping trips, but I wouldn't do it at the expense of my personal style. 

Now you're probably wondering, 'Well why is she wearing that belt if she doesn't want to be an 'advertisement'?". And my answer is simple. Because I like it. I like walking around and people asking me how to pronounce it (hence the title, I giggle when I say it like that). I like flaunting it almost like a heavy-weight champion belt. I. Like. It. And to me, that is what fashion should be about. Not what brand is the most progressive and what designers celebrities sport the most. It's about you. How YOU want to style something, what you think is unique or cool, and how you embody your own style. So if you want to wear what everyone else is wearing because you like it, DO IT, but only because it's what you want. And if you like designer brands, wear them, but only because YOU want to. 

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