Tuesday, March 4


I like to dance...

Tank Top: Urban Outfitters / Shorts: Miracle Eye / Boots: Jessica Buurman / Choker: Purple Cow

Fembot's have feelings too, obviously. 

I was so excited that warmth was finally returning to the frozen tundra that Louisiana became, and decided to break out my favorite shorts. I always feel like an ornate curtain when I wear them, and I honestly think that was Larissa's aim when she designed them, because who wouldn't want to be dressed as a lavish curtain all the time? *(cue obnoxious shimmy)* 

I must admit these boots caused more trouble than I bargained for. Many people stared and gawked because of the tall boots and short shorts combo. One of my coworkers even stated, "You are going to get raped!" Obviously she didn't mean any harm in it, but that was a huge shock to me. I would potentially be raped because I was wearing short shorts and tall boots that made me feel empowered? I couldn't wear what I wanted to because some man couldn't keep his eyes to himself? No, that should never be the case. I'm not a slut because I like short shorts, I am just confident with myself and my body. But I wasn't totally phased by this because Robyn's song Fembot played in my head the whole time, and I was okay. Once you go tech, you never ever go back. 

Go out fembots and rule the world, ily 

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