Wednesday, May 29

Stingray ▼

Top& Shorts: XXI / Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Top: Purple Cow / Shorts: Tunnel Vision / Shoes: Elle Snakeskin Boots

Skatepark pics always rawk. ACT classes, not so much. This whole week I'm pretty much stuck in ACT bootcamp, and it is torture. Claudia and I decided to meet for lunch and do nothing at the skatepark after I got out of my class. 
I'm still madly in love with these shorts from Tunnel Vision that I got a while back. They just complete me. And this shirt. What even? I saw it and was drawn to the strange pattern and colors. Magnificent yo. 

Oh, and little kids who ride up the escalator whispering "Stingray" to passerby's is considered golden in my book. You're going far in life kid.

pEAce ~

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