Saturday, February 23

90's Harlet

Both Tops: Thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21

Today was pretty much about us just having fun and doing whatever. We had a lot of fun literally doing nothing. It's literally the little things, like parks and playgrounds, that make us so hyper. Sad, I know. Well I got some pretty amazing pants that remind me of Prada so I will be debuting them tomorrow. GET EXCITED!

Oh, and I changed the name of the blog to velve-teen dream. Weird I know. It's not velvet, it's velveteen. Sounds legit? And Claudia and I came up with our alter egos, so every time we do an outfit post, we will say which person we are. It's a tad weird, but hey, that's us! 

Today we were both our more masculine alter egos, Ryder and Axel. Me being Axel and Claudia being Ryder. We were both in more relaxed clothing that was more for comfort than anything. Axel and Ryder like to ride around (get it?) and jam like the douches they are. They've got nose rings and you best keep your distance from them. Let's just say they have anger issues...*cough* Ryder *cough*

Have an awesome Saturday night dewdz.

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