Saturday, March 9

Furry Creatures and Baskets

Everything thrifted except jacket from Karmaloop

These pictures are actually from last weekend, when it was ice cold out. The sun was shining though, so it was a nice combo. I put on this velvet dress but it's extremely thin so I layered the new shirt I got over it. The shirt is about quarter length sleeves, so I was still a bit cold and just threw on this furry abomination. Love it. These are also the new shoes I got, only problem is that they are broken. :( I almost cried...BUT I got some bangin' new ones today that are even chunkier and crazier. I'm probs going to debut them tomorrow, so be prepared yo. 

Alright well my sister (who is 9) and I are gonna go party, get on my level. 
I can't believe I just said that...anyway BYE. 

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