Monday, December 3

Fairies and Biker Gangs

This week was pretty stressful, so this weekend is a good time to let loose and relax. Claudia and I went shopping today and yes, we did see Breaking Dawn…again. My grandmother is also having a Christmas party, so I decided to drag Claudia along for the fun! We are wearing a mix of each other’s clothes, the usual.
Claudia is wearing some of my acid wash shorts, a tank from XXI, leather jacket from XXI, my thigh highs, my Moschino belt, and her combies. She says she wants to start a biker gang…
I’m wearing a new dress I got from XXI, a shawl-type cover up that reminds me of fairies, and her Jeffie Campbells. Now, keep in mind, she is a size 9, while I am a size 7…
Lately I’ve been obsessed with parting my hair down the middle, and I think it looks okay for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
Peace, love, & bikers

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